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 The Undesirables

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PostSubject: The Undesirables   The Undesirables Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 3:44 am

So you know by now what it takes to be a happy Rispetto team member. Now i will shed some light on the types of player I like to call "The Undesirables".

Undesirables are the type of player noone wants to be around, let alone be in their clan, Much like the unexpected gas you suddenly get once you're in a small enclosed crowded quiet place. Please don't be loud smelly gas seeping out of someones ass, if you find you tend to do one or some of the following things please STOP!!

Constant complaining, whining, begging. You get out of the game what you put in it, not anyone's fault you cannot seem to stay entertained or you don't have the gold or gear you'd like to have. Don't like something? change it, maybe if you're nice you may ask for assistance or advice, but please do not bug or beg for things, everything's better when you work for it anyway Smile

Don't log in for ten minutes every few days just to ask for gear or to be leveled and expect people to give and do for you -_- just don't do it, if someone offers, yes by all means its cool, but never feel like anyone owes you.

Please come to a boss fight prepared, most do not have time to sell you idols while we are trying to kill a boss and save our own asses, If you do die and do not have idols please resurrect and run back promptly.

Do NOT boss people around, if they are busy or preoccupied leave them be!! We are a team but sometimes just cannot make it, please understand and do not keep grouping and screaming their names. Constructive criticism is often welcomed but do not stand around during boss fights and tell someone every little thing they are doing wrong, if you'd like to privately discuss at your own discretion and it is happily welcomed by the other player, by all means share tips and educate yourselves, but please remember not everyone likes being told what to do.

Please never try to pressure someone into giving or selling you a drop or item. It is their right to keep or sell whatever drops they get and paid for if needed.

So please do not be a undesirable and always be considerate of others Smile
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The Undesirables
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