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 KS FREE CLAN: abolustely no ksing

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PostSubject: KS FREE CLAN: abolustely no ksing   Mon Nov 12, 2012 6:15 am

First hit claims kill. If someone hit first and u hit, u are kill stealing.

Absolutely no kill stealing is allowed in this clan

on any mob, quest mob, ph, boss, super boss, mega boss

Ks as relatiation is also not allowed.

Whatever ks u wanna do, do it when ur not in this clan. Its too much drama, causes too much fuss, and totally not worth the 5 minute pleasure of having stolen a kill from someone. If u feel like ksing sit on the toilet and lock urself up, leave ur idevice outside the bathroom and grab a magazine..now start browsing and maybe that gives u better pleasure.
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KS FREE CLAN: abolustely no ksing
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