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 Clan Etiquette: Befor selling an item outside clan

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PostSubject: Clan Etiquette: Befor selling an item outside clan   Mon Nov 05, 2012 2:28 am

Not hard and fast rules but nice to see in practice...

U got a drop and u dont want or dont need it? Why not offer to sell in clan first before selling outside clan. Maybe someone in clan needs it. Especially if u know it'll take a while to get that kinda thing that u have falling on ur lap. Itd be nice to help a clanmate. Show a little consideration and give clan discount no matter how little, we are grateful.

So do ask clan first if anyone would like to buy a drop or item before selling it outside. Be an angel not a pig.
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Clan Etiquette: Befor selling an item outside clan
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