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BASIC CLAN RULES. Must know. Empty
PostSubject: BASIC CLAN RULES. Must know.   BASIC CLAN RULES. Must know. Icon_minitimeMon Nov 05, 2012 1:43 am

1. Who gets drop
2. Who pays who
3. Who groups who
4. Who hits first
5. Who gets kicked

If u know the answers to the above 5 things then u got no business reading further down but if not then go ahead and waste time reading. Either way hope all clan is aware of how we'd like clan to roll.

1. Who gets drop
- ok. This is real simple. If all of clan that's present at boss are grouped, no problemo. U present at fight, all in group, u get drop, the drop belongs to u provided u do rule no. 2. Whoever gets drop has right to that drop. Means u can sell it, give it away or drop it, bank it, its urs.

- BUT say clannies come and group is full, what happens? If clannies come to boss and there is no room in group, its ok. If they come and fight out of group --- All clannies present at fight (in or out of group) must roll for drop. Highest number gets dibbs on which drop they want. If 3 drops, then 3 highest numbers. if u come and its almost dead (meaning 1/4 health), u forfeit chance to roll. Sounds fair right? Think so too.

2. Who pays who
If u get drop from boss and the person who tanked used a few pots and idols to keep the boss from reset, u gotta pay him for those pots and idols. So if there are 3 drops u pay for 1/3 of the pots and idols cost used. We pay at 250 gold per pot or idol.

Do we pay dps or druids? No, unless dps or druids did the job of a tanker. Dpsers can run from leystone, theyre not responsible for keeping boss from reset. When do u pay a dps? If he does the job of a tank and kept the boss from reset after everyone ran back from leystone, then he should get paid. This is more like exception to the rule, not everytime there is a default tanker in boss group so tanking goes to aggro keeper/sustainer (regardless of class) u know stuff like that can happen not ideal but happens.

3. Who gets grouped
Clanmates that arrive at boss first should get grouped first.

Do we group nonclan players for boss? No unless everyone in clan group says ok np with me and no clanmate is coming.

4. Who hits first
We do not ks. As klob likes to say, we are better than that. If a clan hits a boss first, dont be a crybaby. Let them have its ok its gonna spawn again. No one likes to deal with so much drama. But if we get to a boss and we hit first, by all means keep slashing that boss till its down. Its ours.

5. Who gets kicked
If ur a scammer, u have no business staying in this clan.
If ur extremely annoying and a pain in the ass and not cooperating, we dont care about ur levels bro, u gotta say buh-bye. No place for a**holes in here. We love our peace and we gotta get rid of u if u ruin that for us. And we dont care if all thats left of clan are 2 noobs as long as they get this- we dont want no bs drama. Just love the clan and for sure theyll love u back.

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